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Ransomware represents the most likely and damaging cyber risk for many organisations, with nearly a quarter of all malicious activity involving ransomware.

Increasing by 13% in 2022 alone, such an attack now costs organisations $5.13 million on average.

With this in mind, destructive cyber attacks such as ransomware represent a significant board-level risk. Should the worst happen, the board must be confident in their security team’s ability to mobilise swiftly, contain the attack and limit the damage.
For over three decades the ISF has engaged with leading organisations across the globe to strengthen their resilience against cyber attacks and make them a less attractive target.
Explore these tailored resources to discover how the ISF can support you in tackling all stages of a ransomware event with confidence.

Ransomware and Other Cyber Attacks: Stay safe with ISF

Simple steps to improve online cyber security in a fun, non-judgemental format - available to share across your organisation.

Ways to Survive the Ransomware Menace

What does the future look like for ransomware attacks, and what role should the board, security practitioners, vendors and authorities play?


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