An ongoing challenge in business is the shortage of skilled ICT people, and information security is no exception.  However the infosecurity area is special in one regard—organisations often don’t realise that they need them.  So we have to differentiate between skills needed by “user organisations” to protect their information such as banks, pharma companies and the retail sector (particularly on-line), and skills needed by providers of information security solutions and systems.  The former being more subtle than the latter.

Soft skills

Information Week Sept 2014, reporting on the CEB survey, notes that soft skills such as business results orientation, decision making, influencing, organisational awareness are central to getting across the message on advanced threats to a senior audience and thereby driving investments in security.  The survey finds that information security professionals seldom have the mindset that they are here to help the business make money and enable it to succeed.  Communicating threats and their business implications, along with possible solutions, is a key skill needed by organisations.

Hard skills

From the solution providers point of view, ESG Global reported at RSA 2014 that cloud and server virtualisation security was the #1 skillset needed by those that would keep our info safe, followed by endpoint, mobile and network security.  Analysis and forensics skills came in third with malware and application security expertise also in demand.

From the ISI workshop of October 2014 we learned that new challenges arise in securing linked devices eg BYOD, and what about security in social media—are they mutually incompatible?

Many Irish third level colleges now offer a range of post-graduate infosecurity courses teaching these skills.

For a ‘heads up’ on how to find these skills in Ireland, come along to our workshop below.

Information Security: Accessing the Talent Pool


3.00pm, Thursday, 26th February 2015


IDA Ireland Head Office, Wilton Place, Dublin 2


Accessing the Talent Pool is the theme of the ISI workshop bringing together SME’s, MNC’s and colleges under the aegis of IDA and Enterprise Ireland with the aim of promoting collaboration towards building Ireland as a centre of excellence in information security.

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