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Infosecurity Ireland is delighted to announce that it is partnering with the US-based FIDO Alliance by holding a free seminar for companies in Ireland on the FIDO standards of online authentication as part of their May 2015 Plenary meeting in Dublin.

FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance

The FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance is a non-profit organisation formed in 2012 to address the lack of interoperability among strong authentication devices. The FIDO Alliance plans to change the nature of authentication by developing specifications that define an open, scalable, interoperable set of mechanisms that supplant reliance on passwords to securely authenticate users of online services.

Free Seminar on the FIDO Standards for Online Authentication

The Plenary Meeting will be a 3-day event from 12th to 14th May 2015 for FIDO members only. However, the meeting will be prefaced by an open event on the 11th May which all interested companies are invited to attend.

This will be a complimentary Seminar for companies interested in learning about, and deploying, the FIDO Standards of online authentication.

What to expect

There will be both Business and Technical tracks to the program, addressing the UAF and U2F Specifications, FIDO’s Compliance Program, case studies of FIDO 1.0 deployment, and the relationship between FIDO, Federation and the Internet of Things.

There will also be a panel discussion on the future of authentication as viewed from the perspective of Government. Member companies will demonstrate FIDO ReadyTM products.

FIDO Alliance Logo

Fido Alliance Seminar

Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin

May 11, 2015 , 10:00am – 5:00pm

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